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We were looking at the ocean when we decided the name of the brand. Already in paradise but dreaming of many others in the globe we knew Ônne was the one. A brand defined by the simplicity and a basic spirit based on a black, white and nude palette.Ônne is the name of one of the smallest island on earth. Lost in the waters around the islands of Kiribati, Anne is the only island where a woman wearing a bikini could possibly beat the beauty of the spot. Twenty square feet of sand surrounded by with transparent waters. We´re inspired by this place in the world where the simplicity of our pieces, the quality of the fabrics and the detail in the forms dress a naked woman almost reaching perfection. A place where the woman who wears Ônne is the star through it all.


Gisela & Audrey Two soulmates. Gisela Cid has been a fashion stylist for years. Traveling constantly to New York, Milan and many other for shootings and campaigns teaming with strong brands as an art director. Audrey Cayon has been traveling the globe as an editor in chief of digital businesses creating branded content. Friendship was meant to be but the passion for fashion and swimwear empowered two best friends to create the swimwear brand they always dreamed of. Inspired by their time together living in Los Angeles, California Ônne is the result. Gisela and Audrey fight for simplicity and the emotion for girls to feel the sexiest version of themselves when your are wearing a bikini. Be naked in basics.

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