Slow Life: slowing down as a formula for being happy.

Slow Life: slowing down as a formula for being happy.

Appetizing beaches, beachfront restaurants and welcoming old historic quarters. Who said we can't have it all this summer?


The world has thousands of havens that are attractive for their nostalgic fishing villages, for the imperfect beauty of their old quarters where those fleeing from the "all inclusive" enjoy spending time. At Ônne we're pressing pause to round off the summer, although summer nights are also times for hustle and bustle. Eating well and enjoying a cold beer at the beach bar after a good dip with your favorite Ônne swimsuit is the greatest of pleasures. No resorts, no skyscrapers. Instead, good views and the smell of the sea.


The important thing is to take a deep breath, make time for yourself, or rediscover the joys of mindful eating to cope with our hectic lifestyle. To get away from stress and enhance the enjoyment of everything we do, here are some tips for ending August in Slow mode. Let's start.



1. Breathe. When you feel on edge, stop and take a few deep breaths. This has an instant calming effect on body and mind.

2. Speed control. Pick a few times throughout the day to stop and ask yourself if you're going too fast. If so, take a few deep breaths and go back to your task more slowly.

3. Eat well. Don't do it at your office desk. Even if you only have 20 minutes, grab a sandwich at the nearest cafe or park.

4. Use slow spaces.Many companies have created spaces to relax: for practicing yoga, meditation, praying or even taking a nap. If there's one in your office, use it. If not, suggest one is set up.

5. Block out a few hours a week with no plans. When the time comes, do what you feel like doing or enjoy doing nothing.

6. Meditate. Meditation is a powerful tool for slowing down. It reduces stress, promotes calm and sharpens concentration. You'll be happier and more creative.

7. Do puzzles. Spread out the puzzle pieces and watch them turn into a Zen oasis for everyone who passes you by.

8. Take breaks. For every hour of work, take a breather. If necessary, set an alarm to remind you. But be flexible—if you're in the middle of an important task or thought, put off your break until you're ready.

9. Create your 'not to-do' list. Can you cancel the meeting? Postpone that dinner? Move these tasks to your 'not to-do' list and continue with the rest.

10. Outsource. Some small tasks take more time than they're worth. If you can, delegate the transcription of that interview or the organization for that work trip.

11. Take your time. We tend to condense our diaries so much that we end up running from one place to another. If you've calculated that it'll take you 10 minutes from one activity to another, give yourself 15.

12. Disconnect. Set aside a few hours a day to connect or check email. Outside of those hours, turn off the phone or activate an automatic reply.

13. Stop, look, think. Before sending an email to someone sitting near you in the office, ask yourself if it would be more efficient to get up and talk to them face-to-face. If the answer is 'yes', don't hit 'send'.

14. Delete notifications. End the barrage of interruptions by turning off notifications to force yourself to manually check for new messages.

15. Get up earlier. Set the alarm clock 10 minutes before the time you usually wake up (trust us). This way you'll have a little more time to prepare and start the day more relaxed.

16. Learn to say no. At least once a day, say 'no' to an invitation or activity that you can turn down.

17. Limit access to e-mail. If you must check e-mail outside of the office, set a specific time. Outside of that time, put your work electronic devices in a drawer and unplug them.

18. Find your slow ritual. Choose an activity that helps you relax and slow down, schedule it into your daily routine. Gardening, reading, yoga, cooking, knitting... whatever appeals to you most!

19. Go to the thinking corner. Throughout the day, find your moments to be alone and think. Do it in a quiet place and focus on your thoughts, reflect.

20. Live in the present. When you act fast or multitask, you just skim the surface. Life is what's happening here and now, so enjoy the moment.